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Selected Dialect Words - northumbrian

Alreet lads and lasses! Has it gannin? I’ve made catalogue of Northumbrian and Geordie dialect words. Some of them are unique to the area, some are found in other British dialects. Some are common, some are dying out, spoken only by a few older people.For each word, I have tried to give the most likely etymology, with []. Full text of "Northumberland words. A glossary of words used in the County of Northumberland and on the Tyneside" See other formats. The famous Survey of English Dialects conducted by scholars at the University of Leeds in the 1950s recorded Old Norse derived words like beck, meaning a 'stream or rivulet' in Durham and Teesside, which once belonged to Deira but not further north in rural Northumberland, the epicentre of Bernicia where the Anglian form burn was preferred.

The Northumbrian language or Northumbria English is an English language or dialect of English "Northumbrian Language" may only refer to the broadly spoken Northumbrian whereas Northumbrian English may just refer to the Standard English as spoken in Northumbria and featuring various Northumbrian words and forms, and a variant of Northern. Northumberland Dialect and Words. bait = food as in bait-box - lunch box bale = evil. barley = to claim. brig = bridge. clart = mud. cleugh = A ravine or valley usually with water running down the center: dykes = a mound. hae = to have. The derivation of the word is from Old Norse. Northumbrian was a dialect of Old English spoken in the Anglian Kingdom of Northumbria. Together with Mercian, Kentish and West Saxon, it forms one of the sub-categories of Old English devised and employed by modern scholars. The dialect was spoken from the Humber, now within England, to the Firth of Forth, now within Scotland. 28/04/2017 · Nick Short performing Northumbrian dialect poem at the 50th Northumbrian Gathering in Morpeth, Northumberland. April 2017. Words such as strut, cut, blood, lunch usually take [ʊ], as in other Northern English varieties. Words with the Received Pronunciation diphthong [əʊ], as in goat, usually have the monophthong [oː] instead. This corresponds to [jɛ] in some words in traditional Northumbrian dialect,.

Northumbrian was one of four distinct dialects of Old English, along with Mercian, West Saxon, and Kentish. Analysis of written texts, brooches, runes and other available sources shows that Northumbrian vowel pronunciation differed from West Saxon. There are different dialects within Wales, such as the Cardiff dialect and the Valleys, but here are some of the more well-known words in general use in Wales. “Butty” In Wales, this word is often taken to mean a “mate”, and its usage differs from the wider English understanding of the word to mean “sandwich”, as in a “bacon butty”. Admittedly, this dictionary blurs the distinction between Cumbrian and West-Cumbrian, among others, which are variants of the same dialect. You'll even find some words which are common to other dialects, such as nowt which crops up in the Yorkshire dialect also. I don't claim that Cumbrians invented these words, I'm just saying we use them. the north of the river, Northumbrian, and, to the south, Southumbrian, usually referred to as Mercian. There were thus four dialects: Northumbrian, Mercian, West Saxon, and Kentish. In the 8th century, the Northumbrian speech group led in literature and culture, but that leadership was destroyed by the Viking invaders, who Read More.

  1. The Southern Northumbrian dialect was mainly influenced by the Norse. The Northern Northumbrian dialect not only kept several Old English words, which were replaced in the south by Norse words, but was also a strong influence on the creation of the English language in northern England, especially those of modern Northeast England and Scotland.
  2. 28/04/2017 · The Northumbrian Language Society hosting a live Call My Bluff session based on Northumbrian dialect words at the 50th Northumbrian Gathering, Morpeth in Apr.
  3. Back The Old English Northumbrian dialect: Introduction The selections from the Northumbrian glosses to the Lindisfarne Gospels are not intended primarily to be read as text, but rather to illustrate the most noteworthy features of the Northumbrian dialect and serve as a background to the Northern Middle English texts.

Find all the synonyms and alternative words for northumbrian dialect at, the largest free online thesaurus, antonyms, definitions and translations resource on the web. Northumbrian synonyms, Northumbrian pronunciation, Northumbrian translation, English dictionary definition of Northumbrian. adj. 1. Relating to Northumbria or its Old English dialect. 2. Pan haggerty – traditional Northumbrian dish with potatoes Pet - term of endearment Plodge – to wade in water Spelk – splinter of wood Tatties - potatoes Whay-aye! – to be sure, of course Yarries - eggs. 30/06/2007 · The Northumbrian Language Introduction Modern English is a mongrel language, made up of many linguistic strands. Celtic, Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian and Norman-French are the principal roots, onto which have been grafted words and phrases from every part of the world during the last five hundred years. Dialect words from the North East. A light-hearted selection of dialect words from the North East of England. Many are still in use or recalled by older dialect users. Most words here are familiar in Tyneside Geordie but some are unique to or more prevalent in other parts of the.

Northumbrian Dialect Some words used in the Geordie dialect are used elsewhere in the northern United Kingdom. The words: •'bonny' meaning pretty, • 'howay' come on, •'stot' bounce •'hadaway' go away or you're kidding, • "plodge" paddle in the sea, all appear to be. 24/04/2019 · We can observe lexical variation – differences in words and phrases – by comparing the way English is spoken in different places and among different social groups. Despite the belief that dialect words are no longer very widely used, there remains a great deal of lexical diversity in the UK. Northumbrian definition, of or relating to Northumbria, Northumberland, or the inhabitants or dialect of either. See more. Bagie definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!

13/10/2013 · That's the conclusion of Northumbrian dialect expert and poet Raymond Reed. He was delivering the annual Roland Bibby Memorial Lecture at Morpeth Town Hall. So what is Northumbrian language? According to Mr Reed, it is a speech of old English or Anglo-Saxon, with 'a canny few Scandinavian words.Definition of northumbrian dialect in thedictionary. Meaning of northumbrian dialect. What does northumbrian dialect mean? Information and translations of northumbrian dialect in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.tyneside and northumbrian dialect The following rather nice paragraph, a concise explanation of our dialect's origins, with some specific word examples, is on Wikipedia and is quoted verbatim. "The dialect of Newcastle is known as Geordie, and contains a large amount of vocabulary and distinctive word pronunciations not used in other parts of the United Kingdom.

Call My Bluff - Northumbrian Dialect Words Part.

Northumbrian definition: of or relating to the English county of Northumberland, its inhabitants, or their. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Northumbrian dialect Old English. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better.

It is from the ancient Germanic and Scandinavian language of the Angles that the unique local dialects of Northumberland and Durham primarily owe their origins. GEORDIE WORDS ANGLE ORIGINS. Distinctively Geordie and Northumbrian words are more than 80 % Angle in origin, compared to standard English, where the figure is less than 30 %.

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